Surviving an Australian summer

Summer in Australia, particularly in the Central West of NSW, is a hot, dry affair.

We roast in the heat, swim to cool off, seek refuge under the air conditioner, catch up with friends and indulge in bubbles and rich food. There might also be a bit of ‘the Christmas guests are coming’ mad gardening and yard rescue work, house cleaning,  fun outdoors with kids and holidays at the beach.

All this fun, cleaning, toiling and sun-time does impact on our skin health and it pays to practise some healthy skin actions.

Tips for summer skin care

  1. Slip slop slap wrap – this Skin Cancer Council clever line will save your skin and eyeballs from damaging UV sunrays;
  2. Drink lots of water – between 50-80% of the human body is made up of water, keeping your skin hydrated, organs in good working order and joints mobile;
  3. Protection pays off – PPE (personal protection equipment) isn’t just for COVID, it comes in handy for gardening and housecleaning too. Garden gloves, kitchen gloves, covered shoes, eyewear and masks all play a role in protecting your skin;
  4. Eat greens for good health – indulge in the richness of good friends and focus on feeding your body healthy foods. Summer is a great time for fresh salads and green leafy vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre;
  5. Rest up – give yourself a well-earned break, take it easy and get your full complement of sleep; 
  6. Nourish your skin – cleanse, moisturise and revitalise with quality skin care products that are sensitive to your skin type and responsive to the Australian climate; and 
  7. Move – dance, go for a stroll, hike, play handball with kids, swim, or garden. Find an activity that suits your schedule and fitness level and let your skin glow with the energy movement brings to your life. 

Putting these easy tips into practice will let you enjoy the long summer days and ease into the new year of work and busyness.


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