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Microneedling: Dermastamp® and the competition

There has been some confusion lately with the recent entry to the market of a new competitor to Dermastamp® called Dermapen.  We...

Australian sun and facial ageing

Growing up in Australia many of us have suffered through the damaging effects of the Sun's harsh UV rays on our skin. We have...
chemical peel

Are chemical peels right for you?

Did you know that new generation chemical peels are gentler than their predecessors and use specific ingredients to target...

The magic of vitamin A for your skin

Vitamin A as an ingredient in skincare products slows down the effects of ageing on your skin by altering the speed at which...
Phi Caliphers and balancing beauty

The Beauty of Phi

In the science of facial aesthetics, the balance of facial features is measured by Phi, a mathematical approach that brings...
The follies of facial wipes

Careful with facial wipes

Facial wipes can be a handy solution in a pinch, but it pays to use them cautiously and sparingly - they shouldn't be an...