There has been some confusion lately with the recent entry to the market of a new competitor to Dermastamp® called Dermapen.  We thought it might be useful to provide some details on each product so you can compare their effectiveness and better understand why we place our confidence in the scientific research and development behind Dermastamp®.

Dermastamp in action


  • Comfort level managed with topical anaesthetic
  • External motor used – more powerful than internal
  • Six microneedles used enabling stronger penetration – more power distributed to fewer needles.
  • Sharper needlepoints than Dermapen – needlepoints used are the size of acupuncture needlepoints
  • Ball and socket design of the equipment head means it easily follows the contours of the face and skin
  • Infusion mechanism ensures effective delivery of hyaluronic acid into the microchannels of the skin



  • No numbing application is used to manage comfort
  • Twelve microneedles are used – penetration power distributed across a greater number needles leading to less penetration
  • Internal pen motor used, which is weaker than an external motor
  • Microneedles are of inferior quality compared to Dermastamp®
  • No ball and socket design of the equipment head, this increases incidence of scratching and trauma to skin
  • No infusion mechanism

It is important to note the many remarkable results that Dermastamp® evidences:

  • Minimising lines and wrinkles
  • Pore refinement
  • Effective treatment of vascular conditions – inducing a healthy blood supply to the tissues, delivering oxygen and nutrients, dilates and strengthens vessels which can reduce the appearance of redness and vascular lesions
  • Reconstruction of collagen fibres and vessels
  • Anti-ageing – look the best and healthiest for your age
  • Collagen induction
  • Safe for all skin types because no heat is used in the treatment (unlike lasers and IPLs)
  • 70-80% reduction on general scars and acne scars
  • 50-60% reduction of stretch marks
  • continued improvement of skin condition for up to 5-6 months after treatment course as the healing processes happen inside the tissue
  • Over time oil production of skin can be controlled.
  • Downtime for Dermastamp® treatments is minimal, easily managed and it is possible to wear mineral makeup post treatment.

When considering options for dermal treatments (self application or professional treatment) and equipment (Dermastamp® or Dermapen) bear in mind not just the cost, but also the trustworthiness of the science behind the development of the equipment and related treatments, the expertise required to deliver the treatment effectively and the calibre of the equipment hardware. Come and see our dermal therapists for a free skin assessment to ensure you receive the right treatment for your skin.

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